Mission and Values

Administered by A Warriors Mission, a trusted 501(c)(3) charity

The mission and values of the Wildlife Protection Fund administered by A Warriors Mission Inc.  

So the Lord God took the man [He had made] and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it. ~ Genesis 2:15

We strongly believe that we have been created by God to care for and protect the world we were given.  It is from our calling to do more that we created the Wildlife Protection Fund.

For centuries humankind has steadily depleted the gifts God has granted to us. 

We help to Educate People, Protect and Defend wildlife and the environment, from a Christian and Biblical view.

Mission: Wildlife Protection

By following the example of Jesus, treating animals and our planet in a way that expresses compassion and demonstrates the respectful stewardship of humanity over the environment, we can live in a more peaceful, plentiful world.

Traditionally Religious Missions involve sending individuals or groups to different parts of the world in an attempt to convert local people to Christianity.

A Warriors Mission has a different view on our Wildlife Missions and our benevolence. By embracing indigenous cultures, preaching with the theology of love, and educating locals on the importance of conservation, and preservation, we are more readily able to give an understandable presentation, without requiring religious conversion. While we hope that people will choose to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and live their lives as His disciples, our broader vision for our wildlife mission is about preservation and conservation.

What We Value

  • People
  • Places
  • Species
  • Environment

We value all of these equally. 

People: Can be the change that is required to protect wildlife and the environment.  We embrace indigenous cultures all over the world, knowing that He made each of us in His image, to cultivate and protect our Earth and each other.  Educating local people with understandable presentations, whether it's how they can help protect wildlife and the environment or helping to protect livestock from predators, people are at the heart of our mission.

Places: We are one world, the Eden God gave us and all of his creatures to inhabit. What happens in one part of our shared Earth has an effect on all of us. 

Species: From the tiniest to the largest, God created each and every one. As good shepherds of this planet, we have been called to protect them from endangerment and extinction.

Environment: The air we breathe, the water we drink, the lands that feed us are being threatened by climate change and pollution, caused mostly by humans. The clearing of land and forests, landfills for garbage, the use of fossil fuels, there are so many factors that can be remedied. Each little change can add up to a large impact.



Wildlife Protection Fund

administered by A Warriors Mission Inc, a trusted 501(c)(3) charitable organization

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